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The Truth About Cheating
No one enjoys the thought of the one they love cheating on them with another person. Sure, it hurts to think of your partner engaging in such activities with someone else besides yourself. And sometimes, it can even make you feel disgusting and worthless.
If you’ve never cheated on someone before, you’re probably thinking, “Why in the world would someone cheat if they’re already in a relationship?” And if you’re wondering whether or not you’re currently in a relationship with a cheater, you might be asking yourself: “How do I know for sure if they’re cheating on me?”
But the real question that should be asked is:“How does cheating really affect my relationship?”
Seriously. Just think about it for a second. I would never agree with anyone who thinks that cheating on someone without their consent or approval (based on the type of relationship that you agreed to be in) is perfectly OK, but at the same time, you should always consider your feelings as it relates to cheating, regardless of whether or not it occurs in your relationship.
Cheating is a lot more common in relationships than the taboo associated with it. But just because it happens more often than we would like to admit, doesn’t mean that it’s right.
Let’s assume that you believe in monogamy and that you don’t want the person you’re in a relationship with to entertain any other intimate behaviors with other people. How would you react if you ever found out that they did cheat or were cheating on you? Would you get so upset that you would automatically end the relationship? Or would you forgive the person you’re with and make an effort to move forward?
Every healthy relationship needs to have this conversation at one point or another. And being completely honest about how you feel about this particular situation will help make your relationship as strong as possible.
The most obvious answer here is that any sign of cheating would make you angry, and chances are, you wouldn’t be able to forgive your partner. Or maybe it isn’t a deal breaker, and you would actually be willing to work things out. In either situation, it’s OK to express your feelings and don’t be afraid to hold back! Honesty is always important.
In fact, honesty is so important that you should also be open to discussing any mistakes you’ve made, like cheating, with your partner if and, unfortunately, when they happen. The biggest mistake you could ever make is to allow him/her to feel like they need to keep secrets from you. Learn to accept that mistakes do happen, and encourage your partner to be as open and honest as you yourself are willing to be.
So, when an opportunity to cheat presents itself, you’ll remember how understanding your other half is before making any quick decisions that could jeopardize your relationship, instead of worrying about the consequences and fueling the affair with suspense and mystery, no matter how exciting it may seem in the moment.
But at the same time, this should NOT be an invitation to go cheat whenever you please, just because you’re open to sharing this type of sensitive information with each other. Always remember: If you’ve been straightforward about your feelings and you both agree that cheating is not acceptablein your relationship, it’s a sign of disrespectfor someone to cheat AND lie about it by trying to keep it a “secret.”